All New Customers will start as a Payment on Delivery basis, either via Cash or Cheque.

New IGA customers will automatically be charged through Metcash, should customer's charge through rights cease with Metcash for any reason the same will apply to Mondo Doro Pty Ltd until such time the account is re-activated.

Mondo Doro Pty Ltd Trading Terms for approved accounts is strictly 7days from invoice. Accounts will only be given to Customers that have completed all required documents and been given approval by the Sales Manager. Each account is approved on an individual basis, at the discrestion of Mondo Doro Pty Ltd.

Regular payments must be made on time and with a detailed remittance advice, to allow accounts to remain active. If at any time the account goes beyond Mondo Doro Pty Ltd's terms, credit may be stopped and payment will be required upon delivery until such time as the Mondo Doro Pty Ltd deems the account up to date.

Any unpaid account balances older than 30 days may attract Debt Collection, unless other arrangements are made with Mondo Doro Pty Ltd.