About Mondo Doro Smallgoods

Mondo Doro is a West Australian owned and run smallgoods manufacturer. Mondo Doro prides itself on using Australian Pork, and processing locally with traditional recipes. 

Mondo Doro was started in 1995 by three men, John Ciampini, Nick Ciampini and John Rapanaro.  The three men, with over 150 years collectively in the industry, shared a common vision of one day owning their own smallgoods business.  For nearly 20 years the three of them, along with their sons worked hard to make Mondo Doro the Company it is today.
Mondo Doro produces a range of quality European Smallgoods using only Australian Pork and Beef and the finest of local and imported spices.  Our experience in preparing authentic smallgoods stems from proven manufacturing techniques coupled with age old traditions passed down the generations.
Mondo Doro offers a wide variety of products :

  • Dry Cured Products - Salami, Cacciatora, Chorizo, Coppa etc
  • Cooked Leg Hams - Traditional Ham on the Bone, Boneless, Bred Free Range
  • Cooked Beef - Silverside, Pastrami, Roasted Beef
  • Bacon - Rindless rashers, Speck Bred free range
  • Sausages - Italian Bbq, Cheese, Blanched
  • Cooked Continental - Mortadella, Polony, Roast Pork, Pepperoni
  • Poultry - Turkey, Chicken Roll

Mondo Doro's Mission is to be renowned for providing exceptional service and exquisite tasting products for customers to enjoy.